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October 11, 2020
We ordered 1)tandoori brocolli (broccoli didnot grilled at all, it was completely raw),
2)Dal tadka(it’s not at all dal tadka, I wish the see how dal tadka is made in other restaurants. It was all sweet in taste)
3) kadai paneer(they can call it onion tomato curry instead of kadai paneer)
4)chicken 65(chicken was not cooked properly)
5) veg biryani(rice is not cooked properly and it’s so sweet in taste)
6) zeerA rice (it was ok)
7) garlic naans(naan was not cooked properly, so hard to eat)

We tried brocolli pakoda with them last week and it was good, so we placed big order yesterday and it was completely disappointing and none of us were able to eat the food , we had to throw most of the food in waste because of awful taste.
One more important thing, when I went to pick up my food, I think owner Or chef and his Friends may be , they are drinking by sitting one the first table INfront of cashier desk(it’s their hotel their wish, they can do what ever they want)
I was not able to open their door due to wind, there are 4-5 people inside the hotel next to door, being a customer who came to pick up the food, I expect them to show some respect to customer and open the door atleast (when it’s windy outside and customer is not able to pull the door), Instead of opening the door, one of the guy was showing signs with his hand, let me go let them stand out(I was totally disappointed with the food and the kind of attitude they showed toward me when I first entered their store to pick up my food)

Has lots of hope on them after trying their brocolli pakoda last week, after yesterday’s night awful food , decided not to visit their restaurant again. To be fair their food should get 0 stars.

Hope they correct their attitude towards customers and try to make their food as per customer comments when they order online.

October 03, 2020